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With this blog, the team working with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) Central Library Programme within the Sida Research Training Partnership Programme, shares the content and activities of the five year cooperation, launched in November 2017. Our joint work aims at contributing to the development of a modern research library at UEM, through increased access to and usage of resources and capacity building including masters and PhD Training as well as cooperation at a national and regional level. The Swedish partners are the University of Borås and the Blekinge Institute of Technology. By following the blog you will be updated on the activities and get an insight into the cooperation.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Research4Life Newsletter

Research4Life in Portuguese

In the latest newsletter from Research4Life we can read that they have launched a Portuguese interface!

New resources in Research4Life

SPIE - optics and photonics

Since the first quarter of 2019 the SPIE Digital Library has been included with content like journals, books and conference proceedings from the SPIE Digital Library, covering applied research in optics and photonics.

CAB Abstracts - agriculture

The CAB Abstracts database, an important resource for agriculture and the applied life sciences.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Customer Service, workshop - Day 2

After a summary of Day 1 we continued with a session about the user. What characterizes the ideal user and how does that differ from the reality, the user who really shows up in the library. Is he/she always nice, thankful and happy, can express his/her needs, used to handle technology and understands our library rules, or…?
We talked about the value of the user. Even if they sometimes can be difficult to handle and does not follow our rules “without the users the librarian’s don’t have to be there”.

What qualifications and tools does the librarian need to help, serve and tackle the everyday variety of users with different needs and different experience of using a library.  What can we do to strengthen the librarians role, and profession? How can we perform a reference interview in a good way so that the user will get the best possible help? To know the value of the profession – “know why we are better than Google”. These were questions we constantly lifted during the day(s).

We also experienced how important it is to listen. That you can be a good or bad listener. What difference it makes for the one who tries to explain or ask something.
Sidra Nhacudime tries to tell Alda Cossa something but she was a very bad listener 😉

Customer Service, workshop – Day 1

We, Tove Lekselius (University Library) and Malin Utter (School of Library and Information Science) from the University of BorÃ¥s in Sweden, held a workshop with focus on Customer Service and UX (user experience) in libraries for around 30 librarians from UEM. Three days with a lot of discussions, exchange of experience and practial exercises - and a lot of smiles and laughter. 

Here is a short summary of what we did in Maputo 23-25 April

We started by getting to know each other with a short presentation round, where we also talked about where we come from, and why we were invited to hold this workshop.  This was followed by discussions of where a meeting between a user and the library takes place. It’s not just face to face but also in the library room, on the web, by phone and email. Next came discussions of what a good and poor treatment of users could be. A device that we used constantly was “Good treatment can weigh up poor knowledge, but poor treatment barely weighs up anything”. 
The day ended with a session about the use of common guidelines and what such guidelines could content. Guidelines is to be used to make the work at the reference desk easier and more quality controlled. 

Customer Service, workshop - Day 3

This day was a practical day, where we talked about and tried the joy of UX. "User Experience or UX, as it is defined in the library context, is a suite of techniques based around first understanding and then improving the experiences people have when using the library services"

First we tried an evaluating tool called Love/Brake up Letter, where you write a letter to something that you either love or don't want to have anything to do with anymore. Some examples from the participants that was read aloud with a lot of smiles and laughter:

Love - The Book, The Trainers 😊
Break up - The Salary, A Papaya Tree, The Bus

Next on the agenda was Observations in the library room. The participants went out in the library looking for things that could be improved, took photos and the discussed what they do to to make it better for the users and the library staff.

A mix of things that could be improved, part of which can be explained by ongoing work.
Some easy to fix and some maybe a bit more complicated.
We also tried Cognitive Mapping, where you ask a user to draw a picture of what he/she e.g. like to do when coming to the library - no words just pictures. This could be used as a basis for a deep interview with the user for a deeper understanding of how the library really is used.

The final exercise was Guerilla Testing, where you ask users what they think about the library in general or a specific topic. The entire group went out and talked to the students that was in the library at the time and came back with many interesting thoughts and ideas.

Thank you all - participants, Democrito, Bruno, Horacio and the rest of the library staff at UEM for an amazing week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Tove & Malin

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Annual Review Meeting in a few lines

The last day of the Annual Review Meeting was devoted to research support components of the UEM-Sweden programme, such as ours. Cross cutting issues of importance to the whole university, research management, gender issues, ICT and library resources, were discussed. In the afternoon, the closing session summarised the week and the Vice-Rector Professor Amalia Uamusse held a closing remark reminding us of our important work, as well as areas to improve and urged us to share best practices.

The library sub-programme reported on its achivements and they have to do with acquisition and sharing of e-resources, acquisition of equipment, admission of six master's students to distance studies at the University of Borås, professional trainings of librarians in a series of workshops. And more. Some challenges were also discussed, one of which has to do with procurement procedures that affect timely delivery of results. That had been resolved, however.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about plans and reports. 

UX -- User Experience on the last day of the workshop

The last day of the workshop, facilitated by the trainers Malin Utter and Tove Lekselius and translator Democrito Manyissa, focused on user experience, UX.

Facilitators Tove Lekselius, Malin Utter translated by the UEM Central Library's own Democrito Manyissa
As the other days, there were a lot of group sessions, but it seems that they were extra popular/useful today. This, of course, wouldn't have been possible without the input from all wonderful participants.

All participants and facilitators in front of the library.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Customer Service Workshop

This week, the Central Library Programme of the UEM-Sweden Programme organises a workshop on library customer service.

Exciting things going on in the library.
Invited to the workshop are librarians within the library organisation working closely with library users and it is led by Malin Utter from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science and Tove Lekselius from the Library, both at the University of Borås. Supporting with translations when the English language becomes challenging, is Demócrito Manyissa, from the UEM library.

Demócrito Manyissa, Malin Utter and Tove Lekselius discussiong during a coffe break.
Presentations are usually shared with participants -- and here on the blog.

Annual Review Meeting of the UEM-Sweden Programme

It is now time to review the passed year, discuss achievements and see what can be done better. The Annual Review Meeting of the UEM-Sweden Programme officially opened today, 23rd of April 2019 and will close on Thursday 25th. The Central Library programme will be discussed, together with other key supporting elements (or research infrastructure), on Thursday morning. We are looking forward to fruitful discussions.

The ARM being opened by Prof. Amalia Uamusse, Vice-Rector Academic Affairs (pictured together with Mr. Mikael Elofsson, Embassy of Sweden and Prof. Manuel Chenene, UEM)

Monday, 4 March 2019

Students in Sweden, part two

We were happy to meet with the students and the library director here at Blekinge Institute of Technology for two days.
Backward planning, Open educational resources and Search techniques were on the agenda. And a lot of time taking pictures in the snow, which finally came towards the end of the visit to Sweden.

The students on the pictures are Acuceno Chicolena, Abnadia Raul, Amarilda Chissano, Rui Antonio, Irzelinda Mussa and Lazifa Mahuae.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Students in Sweden

This week and next, our six master's students are in Sweden for participation in the residential period of the master's programme course Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage Material. They also meet with other teachers and have seminars in courses such as Users and information activities in digital environments and Information Retrieval for Digital Libraries.

Next week, there will be job shadowing at the university library in Borås, followed by a trip to Karlskrona and jobshadowing at the library of BTH, Blekinge Institute of Technology.

The students in Sweden at the moment are: Rui Antonio, Acieceno Chicolena, Lucia Raul, Amarilda Chissano, Irzelinda Mussa and Lasifa Mahuae.

The PI, Horacio Zimba being here, allows us to do further planning, follow ups and analysis.

Coming from Mozambique to Sweden during the Swedish winter, means over 30 degrees of difference. But it seems as if the weather in BorÃ¥s and Karlskrona will not be too cold nor snowy after all.